Sunday, April 17, 2011

The List

My college roommate and I used to play a game while riding bikes to class in the morning, where we’d assign a date to the weather. A perfectly balmy spring morning might win the title of April 22nd. With tequila froth flavoring from a Smith Street taqueria, today felt like Spring.  Cherry blossoms are bursting on all of the street corners, covering brownstone stairs with a snow of petals and filling the air with the scent of piss.

I realize that I’ve let this blog lay dormant for too long. To refer back to its beginning, a seeding of thought, I will indulge and honor Sir Kurt Vonnegut with a list. Craaack! With his hallowed name pressed against the cheek of this electric beast, thunder strikes! He must be pleased (though I am ashamed to note how few posts I’ve written in the two years hence, when he and I shared our first encounter here with a marching band outside my window). I’ll be bound to roofed structures tomorrow; lucky I am to have walked a small hydrangea thirteen blocks home today.

Alas, here we have all of the other tasks and endeavors that today brought forth list-worthy note:

- Pricing art is subjective. And often absurd. I came across a smattering of paintings in a local indie market from a very local artist. There were a few nice illustrations for $50, some simple paintings for around $200, and one brand name, 8x10 dedication to Damien Hirst that looked kind of like a simplified root structure…for 25 K. Casually mentioning the title of the painting (“Dedicated to Damien Hirst”) in the comfort of your own matchbox apartment: priceless $25,000.

- Records are still the way the way to go. $5 brand name wax, man!
- I get to use phrases like, “we’ll take the B-52 ” in all seriousness. But a bus will show up.
- At 26, I am still very much figuring out my childhood.

- Many women in New York wear scowls to accompany the latest look.
- I don’t visit The Invisible Dog enough.
- I want to learn French, and then move to France.

- I forgot to ask whether miniature lemon trees bear miniature lemons.
- Competition is so stiff, that a purveyor will try and sell you a hydrangea as you hold your recently acquired hydrangea. 
- The streets of Brooklyn are wings of a museum.

- Tulips close like lips to a cool pursuer.


Minor, minor, minor, Major.

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